What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy is the application of the ancient science of Yoga to enhance health and wellness at all levels of the individual: physical, psychological and spiritual. Yogic tools and techniques are selected, adapted, and modified appropriately for the individual or special population with respect to age, culture, and specific physical challenges to facilitate optimal health and healing of the body-mind.

A Yoga Therapy session or group class might include:

– Body Awareness
– Breath Awareness
– Yoga Postures
– Meditation
– Guided Imagery
– Deep Relaxation

At its core, Yoga Therapy is about self-knowledge. Guided by a Yoga Therapist, you can reveal a state of health that is innate by removing negative conditioning and patterns of the physical body, energy body, mind and emotions, core beliefs and perceptions, and spiritual body.

Annie Marks
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Who Can Benefit from Yoga Therapy?

– Individuals who would like to use Yoga to explore the full spectrum of their being, including feelings and emotions, in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

– Individuals with specific health challenges who can benefit from an approach to Yoga specifically designed for their needs.

– Individuals in need of a slow and personally designed program to move them toward optimal health.

– Special populations or groups who would like Yoga classes tailored to their specific needs.

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