Teach. Train. Transform.

Whether you aspire to be a teacher or just want to deepen your practice, the teacher-training program offers a transformative experience. Empowered Yoga blends the ancient eastern art of yoga with the modern western approach to exercise science and healing.

Since 2005, we have created an atmosphere for growth and transformation. We help you bridge the gap between the life you yearn for and the life you are living. In order to empower others, you must first become empowered yourself. You will come to know the brilliance of your body, the power of your mind, and your boundless spirit in such depth that the teacher within will evolve. You will learn how to live from your deepest personal experiences. View this experience as learning how to live life more fully.

Elements of our 200-Hour Training Program:

Yoga History and Philosophy
– Yoga Through the Ages
– The Eight-Limb Path of Patanjali
– The Eightfold Path of Siddhartha Gautama
– 21st Century Non-Dogmatic Approach

Anatomy and Physiology
– Evolution of Human Movement
– Standard Operating Movement System
– The Anatomy of Breath
– Movement Assessment Screen

Teaching Techniques/Practice
– Postural Alignment, Modifications, and Assists
– Effective Sequencing
– Teaching Beginners
– Teaching Meditation in Motion

Elements of an Empowered Teacher
– Cueing with Precision
– Creating an Environment for Transformation
– Yoga Teacher Ethics
– Living Your Yoga

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