Your company is your team

Of course, you want the fittest, healthiest, most productive team possible, don’t you? Since 1999, through education, programming, and coaching, we have empowered people to strengthen their teams and achieve their potential.

Our relationship with you begins with a face-to-face discussion so that we can learn about your company's philosophy and goals. Our objective is simple; we aim to create a measurable and sustainable shift in your culture.

Our studios offer:

– Corporate membership
– Individual health and fitness assessment
– Personal programs for groups and individuals

Services at your location:

– Health and fitness seminars for your employees
– Fitness, yoga, and stress reduction classes
– Individual health and fitness assessments
– Advice about the design of your onsite fitness facility
– Advice about the development of fitness, yoga, and stress reduction classes
– Support in conducting your ongoing fitness, yoga, and stress reduction classes

Corporations that have benefitted from our services:

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