Student Code of Conduct

- Arrive at least ten minutes prior to practice to allow for orientation.

- Please discard gum before entering the studio. Once inside, please remove shoes, sign in legibly, and handle any payments.

- Practice with your stomach as empty as possible. We recommend waiting at least two to three hours after eating before practicing. If eating is a necessity, choose something light, or drink a glass of juice.

- Drink lots of water 24 hours prior to class. Dehydration will negatively affect your practice.

- Dress in non-restrictive clothing that allows you to move comfortably and sweat freely. Your ankles, knees, elbows, and shoulders should be exposed to allow your teacher to observe your joints in an effort to improve your alignment.

- If you do not have a mat, we encourage you to purchase one at an Empowered Yoga studio. Be aware that not all mats are made of the high quality material you will enjoy using one of ours.  It is essential to wash any mat regularly.

- Position your mat within the designated marks on the floor to provide maximum mirror space for everyone.

- Please be especially aware of personal hygiene.  Deodorant is recommended but perfume and cologne are not. 

- Bring a towel. If you forget, you may rent one at our Wilmington and Glen Mills studios only.

- Prior to class, inform the teacher about any injuries so he or she can provide modifications to ensure your safety and protect the longevity of your practice.

- Refrain from engaging in conversation with other students during class. Because mindfulness is the foundation of all we do, be aware that unnecessary talking is both disruptive and disrespectful.

- If you have questions for the teacher, consider the best time to ask them. During class?  Afterwards? Our teachers will be available after class to address your questions or concerns.

- Follow the teacher’s cueing and instructions. Learn to customize postures and movements that work best for your body.

- Acknowledge your limitations. With regular practice, good alignment, and proper breathing, you can strengthen and heal your body.

- If you are not feeling well during class, lie quietly on your mat. Make every effort to remain in the room until the end of class.

- If you arrive late, please enter the room quietly. Please notify the teacher before class if you have to leave early, and remember to exit silently.


Our yoga transcends physical poses. We strive to teach the following:

– respect for those around you

– an attitude of humility and service

– a graceful presence and generous spirit

Thank you for observing our code of conduct.

We wish you a wonderful class.



This Sanskrit word, pronounced “nah-mah-stay”, said in both greeting and departing, conveys love, passion, service, and respect. As we develop them in our practice, we honor the true spirit of yoga.