Learn to optimally move your body 

BALANCED ATHLETE® is a functional fitness program that teaches people how to mindfully move their bodies in a safe and more integrated manner.  It is beneficial to everyone and everybody! BALANCED ATHLETE® is the answer for the young, middle aged and seniors who want to move better, feel better, and look better.

Our classes are referred to as practices because the training we offer empowers people to experience progress in developing this valuable and life changing skill.

BALANCED ATHLETE® can be individualized as requested. Practices can be one-on-one or in a group environment.

Johnny Gillespie envisioned and created BALANCED ATHLETE® after more than two decades of studying, observing and teaching personal training, strength and conditioning, yoga, cross-fit, and mediation.

BALANCED ATHLETE® is a revolutionary approach to teaching movement, developing fitness, and getting into the best shape of your life!

Pillars of Balanced Athlete

  • BAREFOOT - Our practices take place “barefoot” because it is only from the ground up that authentic core strength can be developed.
  • MIRROR - We practice facing a mirror so that we may experience immediate feedback regarding fine-tuning our alignment. We are able to develop healthier minds through improved body awareness.
  • FOCUS: MOVEMENT TECHNIQUE & QUALITY OF BREATHING - We believe in the power of focus and our goal is to develop precision and technique in a way that is similar to a Martial Art.
  • ATHLETE ASSUMES RESPONSIBILITY - Preventing injury is paramount! Should an injury occur, we would utilize it as an opportunity to go deeper in studying technique. Heart rate monitoring systems are utilized during our “Burn” practices. In addition to placing emphasis on health during our practices, there is the added benefit of measuring calories burned.
  • COACH CREATES AN ENVIRONMENT FOR GROWTH AND FUN - We have fun and encourage everyone to do their very best.
  • COMMUNITY BONDS AND CELEBRATES - We emphasize the value of community and the company we keep.

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